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There is nothing this Can Cannon ® can't do. Use it as a ball launcher, soda can launcher, beer can launcher or blast out cups filled with confetti, shirts, marbles or messages, whatever you can think of. Propel a fishing spear or a grappling hook with the Multi-Use Launcher system (M.U.L.) or use the Can Cannon X-Fore golf ball launcher for endless fun.

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Fiddle Master Case

Can Cannon ® Ultimate Fiddle Master Case – 30″


Can Cannon Ultimate Launcher Custom Guitar Case - Dealer

Can Cannon ® Ultimate Guitar Case – 45″



Can Cannon ® Soda Can Launcher and Beer Can Launcher


Multi Use Launcher (M.U.L.)


FDE Can Cannon

FDE Can Cannon ® Launcher


Can Cannon

Can Cannon ® Sleeve + Port D.I.Y. Kit


Multi-Use Launcher

Multi-Use Launcher (M.U.L.) Sleeve + Port D.I.Y. Kit


X-fore golf ball launcger sleeve

Complete X-Fore Golf Ball Launcher


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golf ball launcher at play

Yes, you CAN have a Can Cannon Golf Ball Launcher

July 13th, 2023

Some dudes in funny pants prefer to use a golf club, but me – I’ll take the Can Cannon X-fore golf ball launcher made by yours truly Can Cannon. If you don’t already own a Can Cannon to use as a golf ball launcher I don’t know what you’re waiting for. If you’ve never launched…

beer can launcher

Beer can launcher, anyone? How about a free beer can launcher?

August 25th, 2023

What’s better than having a beer? A beer can launcher to go with it! Enter Can Cannon. Shooting a beer can out of a can cannon launcher is an experience that’s diffucult to describe …. how do you put massive amounts of fun into words? You DON’T!! So get yourself a can cannon launcher, get…

Dog Training

Better Dog Training with the Can Cannon? Why, Yes You Can!

October 13th, 2023

Dog training with the Can Cannon? Call it training in retrieving or simple dog exercise, we promise that your arm will tire out long before the Can Cannon Launcher. And if you want a distance competition, go ahead and take us on! If you thought the Can Cannon was just for launching soda cans into…

Can Cannon

What Can You Shoot Out of a Can Cannon?

May 15th, 2023

Do you own a Can Cannon or intend to buy one? The Can Cannon is a launcher from X-Products. The launcher has been 100 % legal in the United States since April 2016. The Bureau of Alcohol, Fire arms, Tobacco, and Explosives (BAFTE) made it legal. Reason? The launcher is not considered a war cannon,…