Beer can launcher, anyone? How about a free beer can launcher?

Posted by Can Cannon Team on August 25th, 2023
beer can launcher

What’s better than having a beer? A beer can launcher to go with it! Enter Can Cannon. Shooting a beer can out of a can cannon launcher is an experience that’s diffucult to describe …. how do you put massive amounts of fun into words? You DON’T!! So get yourself a can cannon launcher, get a case of bud light, invite some friends and have yourself some fun. Fun first, safety second! Wait no, I think it’s safety first, fun second. Yes, there it is.

There is nothing more satisfying than a beer can launcher.

There is nothing more satisfying than the loud pop of a beer can as it propels itself through the air and possibly smashes into foamy bits if you take aim at it. When launched at an optimum angle (approximately 45 degrees) a can of beer can reach an average distance of 105 yards … now that’s a can that CAN!

Never have a dull gathering again. Simply whip out your Can Cannon Ultimate Fiddle Master Case, or the Can Cannon Ultimate Guitar Case, if that’s more your style, and enjoy your beer can launcher. Bring some chips, dips, popcycles and all the usual suspects that go along with the fun. Now, you can use good old soda cans as well but somehow we prefer to use it as a beer can launcher.

How do you get a free beer can launcher you might ask? Well, meet our friends at Tactical Freesh … yes, you read that correctly, their full legal name is Tactical Free Sh!t. As in Freesh —- (long pause) —- Tactical Freesh —-(long pause)—- and these crazy bastards love to give away free shit, but ONLY awesome, amazing, blow your pants off free shi!, and naturally that describes the Can Cannon!

Sadly our fantastic giveaway just ended and one very happy camper is anxiously awaiting the new love of his life to arrive. But fear not, another giveaway may be on the horizon. For now, at least you’ve got a beer. And if you want other fun things to fire off, Can Cannon works as an amazing tennis ball launcher, you can even get launcher balls that your dog will really need to work hard to destroy.

beer can launcher

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