Yes, you CAN have a Can Cannon Golf Ball Launcher

Posted by Can Cannon Team on July 13th, 2023
golf ball launcher at play

Some dudes in funny pants prefer to use a golf club, but me – I’ll take the Can Cannon X-fore golf ball launcher made by yours truly Can Cannon.

If you don’t already own a Can Cannon to use as a golf ball launcher I don’t know what you’re waiting for. If you’ve never launched a beer can down range you haven’t lived…really. In addition to launching soda cans and beer cans you can also fire off a tennis ball to exercise your dog or even purchase our grappeling hook or fishing spear. Hell, you can even throw a gender reveal party (if you still believe in such crazy things as genders) and fire off a can cannon launcher cup filled with pink or blue confetti. The Can Cannon projectiles and accessory possibilities are almost endless…

There is nothing more satisfying than watching that baby fly!

Now, back to you “golfers,” need a long-drive contest in your life? Or some good old target practice? Why not do it with a golf ball launcher? And for those who like to go all out stroll up with a Can Cannon Fiddle Master Custom Case Laucher package – get everything you need to convert your lower into a blank fire launcher system and get those golf balls flying.

Get those golf balls flying!!

Oh and here is another idea…gather up some useless Bud Light cans, line them up and whip out your golf ball launcher. Or…hear me out…should a bud light can at a bunch of bud light cans…it’s what they deserve!!

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