Better Dog Training with the Can Cannon? Why, Yes You Can!

Posted by Can Cannon Team on October 13th, 2023
Dog Training

Dog training with the Can Cannon? Call it training in retrieving or simple dog exercise, we promise that your arm will tire out long before the Can Cannon Launcher. And if you want a distance competition, go ahead and take us on!

If you thought the Can Cannon was just for launching soda cans into the stratosphere, you’re in for a treat, literally, a treat for your furry friend! We’re about to unveil the paw-sibilities of using the Can Cannon as a tennis ball launcher for some tail-wagging, fur-flying fun.

Picture this: your trusty Can Cannon, a fetching tennis ball, and your eager four-legged companion, all ready for some canine-powered action. Who says man’s best friend can’t join in on the launcher fun? With the Can Cannon, you can turn your dog’s playtime into an extraordinary exercise adventure.

The Can Cannon launcher is a launcher designed to send soda cans, tennis balls, and other similar objects sailing through the air. It uses special blanks and compressed air to send objects flying. It’s primarily used for recreational purposes and entertainment, A LOT of entertainment, in fact. And people often use the Can Cannon for fun activities like launching cans as part of friendly competitions or games. It’s popular in some shooting sports communities as a unique and amusing addition to their events.

You know the saying: a tired dog is a happy dog. And what better way to tire out your furry friend than by giving them a workout they’ll remember? With the Can Cannon, you can achieve just that. You’ll see your pup leaping, running, and exercising those doggy muscles, all while having a blast and bonding with their favorite human—yes, that’s you! Coupled with a healthy diet, exercise is the best way to keep weight off your dog or cat – and helps you get fit too! Obesity can be a real problem in our pets and can lead to more medical issues, such as respiratory and joint problems. Exercise helps to lower blood pressure and build up muscle. It’ll even help your pet have healthy bones. Different breeds need different exercise, and so do senior pets, puppies and kittens. Your 15-year-old dog might still think it’s a puppy so it’s up to you to decrease the intensity of their exercise.

Dog Training with the Can Cannon

So dog training may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but in fact you can use the Can Cannon as a tennis ball launcher. And THAT can provide endless opportunities to exercise your dog. Can Cannon even designed special launcher balls to use with the Can Cannon ® and the Multi-Use Launcher (M.U.L.). They are manufactured from an extremely dense, near indestructible rubber that resists wear, heat and Yes, even the bite of a dog. Similar to a bouncy ball but better, they store a tremendous amount of energy. They are guaranteed to go further, fly higher, and demand unparalleled fun – even after they hit the ground! Simply place a Ball in the Can Cannon ®, charge a Blank, fire and witness the glory of flying balls! Training is an essential part of owning a dog and can be started at any age.  Training builds confidence, provides mental stimulation and strengthens the human-animal bond.  Dogs are always learning.  It is never too late to start training. The preferred method of training is positive reinforcement.  This consists of rewarding your dog for doing something “right.”  Rewards can be tasty treats, a favorite toy or praise.  Training methods that use punishment can cause the “bad” behavior to get worse or even lead to aggression.

We know you love your dog and dog training and exercise are important for your pups well being … and your furniture’s well being, let’s be honest. We all know that a good dog is a tired dog, so grab your Can Cannon Launcher and your best friend and head out into the world.

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