Spear fishing with the Can Cannon?

Posted by Can Cannon Team on September 22nd, 2023
Spear Fishing

Yes, you can do that with a Can Cannon too, as if spear fishing wasn’t fun enough already! The BATFE Approved fishing spear is made from durable and lightweight aluminum. It’s designed to work with both our Can Cannon Launcher ® and M.U.L (Multi-Use Launcher).

This high strength spear has a protrusion for a fishing line so simply attach a fishing reel to your launcher sleeve, attach a strong line, and convert your Can Cannon or M.U.L. Launcher into a top water spear platform. This baby is specifically designed for top water spear fishing, so aim at your dinner and shoot!

Has spear fishing ever been this much fun?

The BATFE Approved Fishing Spear’s optimal range is 5-7 feet, it is meant for close range spear hunting. When it hits, it penetrates deep and hits like a semi truck. The base acts as a natural fluid brake, slowing the spear so your catch isn’t completely obliterated. When secured inside the Can Cannon launcher, the Fishing Spear will not come out unless the Can Cannon is discharged. The base creates an air restrictive soft-vacuum-seal that will retain suction while pointing the Can Cannon nearly straight down. This puppy is perfect for gigging suckers, flounders, small game, and other aquatic life.

So there you have it, you can now use your Can Cannon launcher to feed your family, and of course have a lot of fun while doing it. And you’ll be the coolest person on the boat when you bust this baby out! So is there nothing the Can Cannon can’t do? We’re gonna go with no! And, as if the Can Cannon wasn’t cool enough, you can pick up the Ultimate Can Cannon Guitar case and have everything you need on hand! The launcher, X-Fore Sleeve, grappling hook, balls, cups, fishing spear, rocket and blanks. Get yourself all the fun accessories and projectiles.

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