New X1 Stand Alone Launcher Update!

Posted by Can Cannon Team on January 24th, 2022

The X1 is still pending BATFE approval

7 months ago we submitted a sample of the X1 to the BATFE to determine the legality of the X1 Launcher. At the time the BATFE response time to formal inquiries was 6 months. A lot has happened since then, and we are now one month beyond the original completion date. We have contacted the ATF who confirmed receipt and assignment to an examiner, but no estimated date of completion was provided.

We know that the world is in disarray due to covid and forgive the ATF for the delayed response, it seems common in all industries these days, and we know that the patience for customers is wearing thin. To expedite the process we have hired a 3rd party examiner to review the product which should be completed late next month. We are hopeful during this time we will receive a formal response from the BATFE, but may decide to move forward based on the evaluation of the independent examination.

Next month at the 2022 Gundies Range day event we will be demonstrating the X1 where customers and influencers get first hand use of the product and provide feedback

We appreciate your patience while we make the appropriate decision and will provide an update by the end of next month. 


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