Can Cannon In The Blanks Game!

Posted by Can Cannon Team on June 1st, 2023

For 11 years X Products has manufactured 50 BMG blanks and produced over 3,000,000 rounds of Ball, API, and APIT. During this time, we have not had a single round returned or refunded, which is a true testament to the quality of manufacture of the blanks we supply. For years we’ve considered manufacturing pistol and rifle blanks but have been afraid to jump into the markets as it’s highly volatile, and we don’t want to get caught with our pants down. With that said we’re taking a different approach to the subject matter, instead of following nickel trends we are going to set realistic and sustainable prices, with a goal to be a dependable supplier who makes reliable, high-quality blanks that is readily available. Don’t get your wires crossed, we’re not trying to bend you over, we know price matters, and those looking for the best deal can earn it by joining our rewards and loyalty program, where they can refer our company and save up to 15% or earn points by following our social media pages and get notifications for special offers.

A lot of customers look solely at price, and there are plenty of dealers and retailers willing to schlep off cheap ammunition to them, but what ultimately are they getting? If they’re buying from a quality brand, like Winchester, or Federal you know you’re getting military-grade contract blanks that are highly regulated and likely to work perfectly, but when you buy international brands or steel case blanks, you’re taking a gamble with little recourse. Again, don’t get us wrong we do it too, because .15 cents is .15 cents, but when .15 cents creates a Jam-O-Matic it isn’t worth .05 cents. Most of the time when you buy cheap blanks that don’t work, which we all have, there’s rarely recourse and you’re stuck with hundreds and even thousands of tiny boat anchors, so why risk it?

At X Products our goal has always been to provide the best quality product and service available. We’re not perfect, but we try our best and with that said we continue to improve. For example, over this last year, when everyone was running out of stock of items, we always figured out a way to take care of the customer, and yes, some delays linger for instance our SCAR lowers and XCM drums have been next to impossible to fill, but their coming, with that, said we’ve never had an issue keeping orders filled with blanks. Did you read that last statement? No matter what we will always try to keep it on hand, and again we always ensure it works, if it doesn’t then we will be here to replace it.

Now we hope we’ve conditioned you to buy our blanks, and you’ve either given up on reading or you’re to the point where you want the information on the blanks, so let’s go! We sell our blanks in bags of 50 and bags of 100. The current 9×19 / 9mm blanks are 100% all new manufacture, nothing is reclaimed, re-used, or pieced together. It’s a virgin baby. It is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA and ready to go. We guarantee it will work in everything from pistols to rifles, semi-automatics to machine guns. The blanks are copper FMJ plated and weigh 115 grains perfect for a variety of barrel twists and by far the most common blank weight. Will it work in a suppressed launcher, yes, is it meant for a suppressed launcher, no because subsonic blanks are best for suppressed. Right now, it’s packed in 500-count quantities in surplus blank cans. If you buy one can it’s 50 cents a round, if you buy two cans it’s 48 cents a round, and if you buy 5 cans It’s 45 cents a round. What’s better is that if you refer a friend to our company you can save 15% off your first order at 5 cans that’s 38 cents a round, a hell of a deal for blanks that is guaranteed to work.

Don’t let your fun turn into a dud! Quality blanks are essential!

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