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  1. GH

    G. Howe

    I purchased two of these and I already had one set of light battery combo lost out back of mortars on using it for the first time. The second one is ready to blow out now. Mortar great, light combo setup not so much…

  2. DE

    not what I was told it was

    I was told this was now a 16″ sleeve so you could use any blanks in it, but it is not, and the port is still pinned. now I have 2,000 blanks without a launcher. I sent it back and have yet to see a credit or replacement. Communication has been very limited from the xproducts side – aside from daily emails to review the purchase.

  3. BH

    Cans explode

    I have tried several different cans and I’m averaging about 70% of them busting before making it to the target. Used coke brand cans and M200 Ammo, still having an issue! X product Balls do fine in the cannon.

  4. DA


    Bought several items from xproducts,there shipping and quality is gone way down hill in the last year

  5. JB

    Wtf? It is a review

    Will not feed blanks out of my magazine. Blanks catch every time on the barrel feed ramp. I have to chamber each one by hand Other than that it’s fun

  6. EG

    Shot cup

    First one shattered

  7. FA


    on the site it says products ship in 3 business days.. well.. I ordered mine on 04/28 and it didn’t arrive until 05/28.. and after waiting a full month for it to arrive the finish was “damaged”. there was a spot where it was chipping right out of the box. I contacted customer service who referred me to their warranty dept. they did issue a return label and I sent it back. I received notice that it had arrived and a new one had been sent out but here it is 06/17 and I still don’t have it. I ordered id 04/28.. disappointing…

  8. DW


    I have bought 100 rounds and i habe had quite a few buddies order blanks from xproducts. They are over priced from what i have seen from other sites. I habe seen similar 100 round packs go for half the price. Also many of the ones from xproducts as well as with my friends that habe bought them feom xproducts have misfires due to i believe bad primers. Again this has happened with multiple orders with multiple lowers. I dont believe it to be an issue with bolt carrier or firing pin