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  1. Not exactly what I expected

    Was very excited when I first saw this golf ball launcher. Purchased one around Black Friday and was very excited when it arrived. That is until I opened the box. The X-Fore was wrapped in a paper lunch bag with no actual package. The finish is very poor and X-Products even enclosed a letter explaining and apologizing for it. They stated they didn’t refinish them as it would have delayed shipping 2-3 weeks. Personally I would have waited. The letter went on to offer a 15% discount on any FUTURE purchase through the end of November. Keep in mind it arrived November 29th. The finish gives the launch tube the look of having been rolled around on gravel and being scratched up. I own an original Can Cannon and love it. High quality and have had many enjoyable experiences with it! For the price I expected better. $99 is a bit much for an aluminum tube with a threaded end piece especially when it looks like it is all scratched up and was delivered in a paper bag. Looking forward to trying it out but if I were you I’d hold off until they correct the finish and perhaps lower the price.

  2. Golf balls or what else?

    Okay to drop in a golf ball with wadding to keep seated against gas vent tube. That stinks when left loose to fall out. But, what else fits snug for launching…? Do tell. Blanks are too bloody expensive to only send balls down the greens. Go to Skylighter pyro for more fun ideas.

  3. Good quality part

    Fitment was a little tight into my previously purchased can cannon upper. Some slight sanding on the upper was required. Also I’m a little disappointed that the new port did not have an indexing tab to align with the upper. Probably not necessary but my old port had one. Why should this be any different?

  4. Golf ball barrel in rough shape on outside machine marks of ?

  5. Bad blanks

    Having shot 50 rounds of 556 blanks 22 have dimples but not fired shot again and still only 4 shot being shot twice

  6. Fishing spear

    This is the second one I bought. The first time I shot the first one it hit something in the water a broke the broadhead, the the second time the line broke of the spear and lost it to water. Good idea, I just need to re think it a bit.

  7. So much fun

    I give 3 stars because of waiting over a month to get my cannon… but it’s so much fun. I love loading tennis balls and launching them to friends and playing catch! Gonna get a case of soda and a couple spray cans for skeet shooting on Independence Day

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