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  1. TO
  2. TO

    Where are my Golf Balls & Manual?

    • A

      We do not show an order for golf balls from you. You can find some manuals and instructional videos here:

  3. JD

    Color change

    Had to give it three stars only because I think they need to be bright safety orange. Lost two cups my first outing blasting candy at our camps Halloween party.

  4. MO

    missing information

    It wasn’t clear a blot-carrier group was required. It makes sense, but the guy I ordered it for was unhappy as it means he now has to go out and find one…

  5. HN

    Your processing of my purchase
    Your processing of my purchase went fine. If it wasn't that the can launcher won't accept all 556 blanks, I may not have come back. Your shipping fees are horrendous for the size and weight of the order. Thank you

  6. BW

    Golf ball launcher

    This product will shot a golf ball out of sight, but not all golf balls will fit in the tube.

  7. NJ

    XM42 lite

    Definitely doesn’t shoot the flame they say it will. Tip was clogged with metal chips when I got it. But I must admit it is still fun.

  8. KE

    Great, but has the occasional mess up.
    Every once in a while the blank will fail to fire, as well as catch on the bolt. I'm pretty sure that the blank is just getting pushed too far into this. The bolt won't catch the back of the blank. Every time it happens I have to unscrew it and pull out the blank with pliers.

  9. JM

    it would be better with
    it would be better with bolt locking lugs

  10. AR

    Fun to shoot/had some issues

    I was surprised how far a 5.56 blank can launch a can. I did encounter a problem with the BCG locking up after a firing. I had to wiggle it fairly aggressively to get it to loosen. It would also not feed the blanks properly, and bend them at times. It happened quite a bit so I stopped firing it after a few cans since I wasn’t sure if it would damage my AR. At least til I figure out what the problem is.

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