The Can Cannon Grappling Hook Launcher!

Posted by Can Cannon Team on August 27th, 2021

The Can Cannon launches a variety of projectiles, one that has real world application is the Grappling Hook. The idea of a Grappling Hook to most is a silly concept “Look at me I’m Batman” but through objective lens is truly a useable lifesaving tool for both practical and impractical use.

For example, Arborist routinely pull large trees in a direction they need to fall, roofers need to secure ladders to roofs, and people stuck in a flood may need a rescue line sent to them. These situations and many more can benefit from a real-world grappling hook, and until now no one has manufactured one that is affordable, strong enough or readily available to the public.

X Products spent years developing the grappling hook, so that it was strong, durable and able to reach distances far greater than what a human can throw them. Designed from aluminum the four-hook grappling hook is one fourth inch thick on all surfaces and has proven to hold well over a 1,000 lbs. when multiple hooks are applied. When attached to Mule Tape or Amsteel Blue it can propel 30 yards vertically or 60 yards horizontally, while providing line strength to hold a person when the hooks are securely anchored.

To display functionality we created a video with traditional X Products satirical humor to demonstrate functionality, which we believe really validates the product performance.

Many who watch the video ask where I can get the rope holder, it’s coming, the one in the video was a 3D printed prototype. At some point we will offer a turnkey solution, but for now we only offer the Grappling Hook, which at the time of this article is sold out and at this time over 5,000 in circulation, without any complaints.

We know you may not have a daily need for a grappling hook, but like packing a pistol you’ll never know when you need it, and for $129.00 it’s cheap insurance.

As usual more is coming, so stay tuned.

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