Innovation of Fun

Posted by Can Cannon Team on October 8th, 2020

“When it comes to the leading innovators of fun, X
Products excels in the field unlike any other company. Since the beginning X
Products has always been a very innovative company making the best high
capacity magazines on the market. I have been with the company now for 4 years
and have watched the company and the crew that we have grown into a great
little family of hard-working individuals with a lot of talent. X Products
started out in a small apartment, building drum magazines 1 at a time. The idea
of a drum magazine has always been around, however the style and durability of
the drums we make is unparalleled. We started making drums for the HK91
originally and slowly moved into the AR15 market with our .223 high capacity
magazines (aka drum magazines). Once we had our foot in the door we started to
really innovate in the market. Our company really started to excel when we
released our Can Cannon soda can launcher back in 2015. Since then we have made
multiple versions, calibers, and styles of the Can Cannon. We make balls, cups,
spears, grappling hooks (yes, I said grappling hooks), and have plenty of
blanks for all your launching needs. As of now we are working on releasing our
Can Cannon Golf Ball Launcher which will really change the launcher game. Lastly,
we are taking it a step further with our Stand Alone 37mm launcher which will
be released shortly also. In short, the X Products team and company in whole
are working tirelessly to get you the products that are guaranteed to raise
some eyebrows.

When I think about a family and the dedication and
perseverance it takes, I think of the X Products Crew. We are all very much
interested and involved in the industry. The crew we have never backs down from
a challenge and works well together to accomplish the common goal of delivering
awesome products to the American public. Something of importance in the Firearm
industry is making sure we protect and value our 2nd Amendment. The X Products
crew is very much Pro 2A and love to shoot our guns and safely have fun with
other in our community. We are deeply rooted in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) in
a way that our customers and others in the industry know where to come when
they are in this area. In the time I have been with the company I have had lots
of experiences and opportunities to meet with some of the biggest and best
brands in the industry. I have been to multiple machine gun shoots, camping
trips, and range days to bond with the crew and industry partners. I have
greatly enjoyed my time at X Products and we will continue with the innovation
of fun for as long as we can. Cheers!”

Nathan McKay

Senior Product Specialist

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