Can Cannon: The Wayyy More Fun Tennis Ball Launcher

Posted by Can Cannon Team on August 1st, 2023
Giant rubber bouncy balls - tennis ball launcher

Best tennis ball launcher yet? Oh yes Can Cannon strikes again! So can you really train or exercise your dog with a Can Cannon? You guessed it, yes you CAN! Do you have one of those pooches that never tires of chasing a slimy tennis ball and then rubbing it against your thigh every 30 seconds? Are you tired of picking it up and throwing it over and over again?

Well, despair no more!

There is nothing a Can Cannon can’t do – dog training and exercise is no exception. So, find an open space, load up your Can Cannon Launcher and send that tennis ball flying. It will go so far that you’ll have time to whip yourself up a sandwich by the time your dog retrieves it.

Just like with humans, exercise is an important part of a dog’s overall well-being. Not only does it help with physical health, but it can also help with their anxiety and overalll emotional health. There is a saying that goes “A tired dog is a good dog.” So why not enjoy the fringe benefits of your dog NOT chewing up your couch and have some fun yourself with the Can Cannon while doing it.

Want to step up your tennis ball launcher game even more?

Then check out these launcher balls specifically designed to use with the Can Cannon and Multi-Use Launcher (M.U.L.). They are manufactured from an extremely dense, near indestructible rubber that resists wear, heat and even the bite of a dog. Similar to a bouncy ball, they store a tremendous amount of energy. They are guaranteed to go further, fly higher, and demand unparalleled fun – even after they hit the ground! Simply place a Ball in the Can Cannon®, charge a Blank, fire and witness the glory of flying balls!

Whatever you chose to launch get yourself out there with the family dog and launch away! But we do promise this: no tennis ball launcher will be more fun than the Can Cannon!

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