The X-Fore is the Ultimate Golf Ball Launcher Accessory!

Posted by Can Cannon Team on August 3rd, 2021
xfore Golf Ball Launcher

Powered by blanks the new X-Fore golf ball launcher will drive a golf ball 296 miles per hour and over 600 yards in a standard Can Cannon, when paired with our .308 Multi Use Launcher M.U.L. the numbers double! In terms of kinetic energy, it is a lot, capable of penetrating both wood and steel. By far one of the most exciting accessories for the Can Cannon, the X-Fore golf ball launcher is about to reach new limits with the addition of our new BP Rocket.

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The BP Rocket by definition isn’t a rocket because it doesn’t use a rocket engine to launch, instead it’s powered by a blank cartridge, and maximizes its trajectory through advanced aerodynamic modeling that incorporates stabilizing fins, and negative pressure to dramatically improve the range and accuracy. The potent projectile, when fired by an M200 blank, can travel 1,000 ft. and up to 2,500 feet when propelled from the M.U.L., an incredible distance by any measure. Manufactured using high grade, impact resistant 3D printed plastic, it’s able to survive multiple launches and therefore required engineering to improve recovery.

The first improvement was to add whistles, like a Nerf football, to create a bomb dropping affect as the projectile flies through the sky. Though not a great feature for locating the projectile it is incredibly fun, and likely a safety feature for anyone in its path.

Next we’re adding LED lights to help locate the projectile, and ultimately an alarm, because trust us when we say it’s easy to lose one and they are not cheap or fast to manufacture. To print the rocket takes 7 hours, when we print 14 in a single run it consumes a considerable amount of very expensive fluid and takes 30 hours to print, but it dramatically cuts print time to 2.14 hours per unit. With that said there is a discount for quantity purchases. The first customers will pay a small premium, but ultimately will be rewarded for their support. If we sell over 500 projectiles we will take them to hard tool manufacturing, dramatically lowering the cost to manufacture. Early adopters who bought original rockets will be given a 40% off purchase on the first production run of rockets when they go to hard tooling, there will be no limit on purchases so support us with your money and we will support you with an insane discount.

With the above said you’ve learned a lot about the BP Rocket for the Can Cannon, but what about the X-Fore golf ball launcher and the BP Micro Rocket? To be blunt, we believe it’s going to be sweeter than diabetes and a load of fun. Official numbers are not available because they are being printed tonight and tested tomorrow. We will follow up on another blog with the progress, so get ready to spend a few bucks for what will be one of the most fun projectiles ever created!

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