Stepping Into the Future of Manufacturing with Can Cannon – Can Cannon by X Products

Posted by Can Cannon Team on July 21st, 2021

Over the last year we have made several major capital improvements, one of which was a significant investment in multiple state of the art commercial 3D printing systems. 3D printing has changed dramatically, and capable of manufacturing next to injection molded parts strength and quality at incredible speeds. The investment for these machines is steep, but the benefit substantial. For example our top performing machine costs up to $400,000 without any additional features, you could save $50,000 with an older model, but who wants to limit their capacity, so for us bigger is always better, just don’t tell our spouses.

3D Printer mold X Products

3D printing has received lot of attention over the last ten years, and we have been following its progress. The technology has improved considerably with increased processing speed, but more importantly enhanced strength, and dramatically improved resolution. Most of our prints have been for functional parts, and to be honest once cleaned up are almost indistinguishable from those that are injection molded.

X Products 3D molded

When you begin designing and manufacturing products with a 3D printer you quickly realize your no-longer limited to  traditional manufacturing, and the sky becomes the limit. However, shedding limitations isn’t exactly easy as most products to date have been built by conventional manufacturing. Without doubt we know this is the future, and you will see incredible advancements from our company from rapid development and rapid release of new and incredibly exciting products. We are launching our first 3D printed parts soon, so stay Tuned!

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