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  1. No Reply from X Peodiccta on ipgrade instructions

    I have made 2 attempts in the last month to obtain details on how to upgrade my original Can Cannon to the Gen 2 Can Cannon Threaded Port. I have not received a reply to either inquiry and do not want to attempt any replacement that would result in an unsafe device.

  2. Very disappointed

    If I could give 0 stars I would. Although I haven’t tried it yet. I’m sure the functionality will be alright. However, to knowingly ship a blemished part to a customer says a lot about the quality control and integrity of the company. To try and make it right you send a limited time offer to get 10% off my next purchase…. sorry not only will I not be purchasing anything from X products any longer but I’m certainly not going to be in a rush to try and spend more money. I understand the situation the company is in with limited material and employees to build at this time. However, I don’t think it’s right that I continue to get emails pushing products and sales on products you can fulfill in a reasonable time with reasonable quality. The finish on the launcher looks so poor my dad sled me if Tried to sand the finish off to repaint it or something…. had the company refunded a portion of the purchase or offered a free of charge replacement I would have been happy as I understand that vendors and parts have issues at times. But this was unbelievably bad. I have no desire to continue to do business with X Products.

  3. Used

    It came in damaged. Wanting on new one.

  4. Does not work

    I bought the tube and then.the upgrade
    I am unable to remove the old one from.the receiver. It looks as if there is a pin through it at the top of the threads. Looks like I’ll need to buy another upper

  5. Bait and switch

    When I bought this attachment there was no mention of needing the adapter part.

  6. Don’t waste your money

    If you want something that will burn a quart of gas in less than 30 seconds this is for you

  7. Bought this 5 months ago. Had trouble day one. Couldn’t get a hold of them without the help of the person at Xproducts. Finally send it back and months later I cannot get a hold of them whatsoever.

  8. Received a faulty product

    I’ve reached out to the warranty dept. Twice and still waiting on a response for a replacement.

  9. Order #S59748 / WWCD 102.5

    We received an XM42 Lite with a defective circuit board. We had planned to do some on-air promos with it. We haven’t heard any response since it was returned several weeks ago. I guess we will just contact the credit card company to dispute the charge.

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