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  1. Still haven’t received it

    • We apologize for the delay due to the holiday, however it does appear your shipment is out for delivery with an expected arrival by 7 pm today. Thank you, X Products Team

  2. Once you buy it they forget you

    The battery will not charge fully the charger doesn’t work correctly contacting them under warranty Several times leading back into circle after circle to bring you back where you started I was treated more like I stole one and had no proof That it came from them So I am now working on it myself trying to hook up my own battery and charger Other than that it does what it’s supposed to when it has the power that it needs

  3. Poor

    The first 3 blanks I tried didn’t fire got irratted and but it down its a brand new bolt and firing pin and the lower works with my .458 socom upper so something is out of spec

  4. Already broken, wtf

    I was actually really excited to use this product, but it fucking broke before I even got a chance to use it the first time. The broadhead thread that is absolutely necessary to add a damn point to it FELL OUT of the metal tube, so now I have to either cement it in there or refund it. How shit is this product if it already fell apart before I even fired it once? I’m disgusted beyond words, honestly. Not even worth half the price I paid if this is the quality I got for it.

  5. Needs work

    Had to shim threaded can cannon to work properly. This item should have proper Head spacing and not need custom work.

  6. 75% misfired

    These didn’t work. I’m very unhappy. 75% would not actually go off. I’m the past these worked great, but they’ve stopped working.

  7. Bad quality

    I’d say only 60% of these blanks actually fire. I’m gonna have to find some better quality to feed my can cannon. Sent xproducts an email to let them know what I was experiencing and never even got an acknowledgment.

  8. Still haven’t gotten merchandise

    Still haven’t gotten merchandise

  9. The X-Product broke………

    I ordered the golf ball/can canon and after about 50 rounds the part of the tube shot out and is in two pieces! After emailing X-Products have heard nothing

  10. Will not chamber

    I got an off brand cannon for Christmas. Ordered all my accessories through you can nothing fits in the cannon. Not sure if your products are interchangeable.

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