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X Products Certified Dealer Program

X Products manufactures and retails high quality, visually pleasing, performance products that are supported by a no-hassle lifetime warranty and superior customer service. Store Front Retailers are a large portion of our business. In order to maintain superior customer service our products are selectively sold through retail partners who maintain a high standard for customer service and satisfaction. To meet these expectations retailers are approved based on following factors: Time in business, product offering, distance from competing stores, creditworthiness, and quality of service. Approved retailers must abide by our terms to preserve the expected customer service and retail price of our products. In addition, retailers are held to maintain a minimum annual purchasing commitment to maintain dealer status with X Products, these commitments are negotiated annually.


2022 marks a new era for X Products and its customers. In the past online retailers lowered prices diminishing their value, retailers can enjoy real profits without being challenged by online prices. Certified online sales are now through X Products. We are no longer adding online retailers. In addition, distribution is limited to 2nd Amendment Wholesale, having worked with X Products since inception they have displayed exceptional service and support for those seeking additional product and credit terms. In addition, distribution is not allowed to sell our products to online retailers.

Annual Sales

Historically X Products partakes in retail discounts during Tax Return Week and Black Friday. These sales are designed to generate the highest sales volume during the beginning and end of an annual season, while maximizing marketability of the product. In order to ensure supply three months prior to the sale Certified Dealers will receive exclusive discounts, so they can par-take in the sale with limited impact in margin or maximize purchasing power and profitability. The discounted prices for our Black Friday Sale begin July 1st and end July 31st, discounted prices for our Tax Day Sale begin January 1st – January 31st. Due to supply limitations and market volatility there will be times X Products may opt out of having a sale.

Display of Product

X Products manufacturers unique products designed to work with standardized equipment. These products are stocked in highly visible packaging to maximize their salability. Ultimately, we cannot control how you display products, but we firmly believe that they should ultimately be displayed out of package. An X-15 Skeletonized drum for example should be displayed in a gun, as no one can understand the true quality or value of the product from within a package. For customers who want to display product you will be offered a onetime discount annually on display for product for either a store or range. Each product is supported by an unconditional Lifetime Warranty, unless stated otherwise. If a customer were to damage the display product, we will replace it free of charge minus shipping.

Customer Support

We have proudly provided a full-time technical, warranty and customer service staff since 2012 and offer the best customer service in the industry. If a problem, a question or concern arises please contact us at any time. We try our best to guarantee a 24hr response time M-F, and a 48-hour response time Saturday and Sunday.


Most products, unless stated otherwise carry an unconditional No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty. We will Repair, Return, or Replace any item a customer is unhappy with as long as it has not been used. Certified Dealers must live by this commitment, if a customer is to return a used product, they must refund them in full, and charge no more than a 20% re-stocking fee, at our discretion X Products will refund the retailer for the purchase price to X Products, or replace the item free of charge. If a product is defective X Products will repair and warranty the item at the manufacturers expense.


Training is an imperative function of selling a product. X Products Certified Dealers will not be allocated products unless they have watched our product training videos and taken an online test. These short videos and test are built to give our customers a fundamental understanding of our product and how to best sell them.


Thank you for reading the basic outline of our Dealer Program and what we provide for those who participate, we look forward to your application and partnership. Certification upon completion of application will take up to 30 days. Once approved you will be a select member of X Products Certified Dealer Program.

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