About X Products

 Awesome Has Arrived

 Providing nothing but the best.

Somewhere somehow you saw one of our products, “and thought dang that’s cool I want to learn more,” and it brought you here. There is no telling what attracted you to the product, but we have a hunch. At X Products we strive to create, manufacture, and sell amazing products, that not only function exceedingly well, but are aesthetically awesome and get you excited to show and share them with friends and family. We believe shooting should be awesome and most importantly fun, and that you should never be ashamed of a product you own, and products you do own should be shared with the world because they are amazing.

The employees and owners of X Products are gun owners, collectors and a collaboration of people who love and enjoy shooting. We are a close-knit team of engineers, designers, gun nerds and visionaries who love movies like Rambo, Predator, Aliens, and sci-fi shit like Rick and Morty. If those movies and shows do not get you excited, or make you laugh, then you’re likely at the wrong place, but don’t worry there’s still hope, just open your mind to the possibilities.

From day one we knew we’d break the norm; we did not want to be another “gun store item” wrapped in plastic. We wanted an experience that excited, pumped you up like a shot of adrenalin, and made you say, “This is Awesome.” We want you to feel the same excitement and energy that we feel everyday working here and we promise that every product is well thought out, will meet your expectations, and will not disappoint. X Products provides nothing but the best, fully confident AWESOME HAS ARRIVED.